Wednesday, September 30, 2015

According to statistics "Minorities are not getting enough job in Media industries"


In the article name “In the news industry, diversity is lowest at smaller outlets” by Michael
Barthel is about how minorities are still underrepresented in the United States of America. Even
Though so many minorities are getting promoted in better position like Michael says, “Dean
Baquet becomes the first black executive editor of The New York Times and Lester Holt become

  the first black solo anchor of a weeknight network news program” Especially in journalism,
television and communication field of graduation non-minorities are getting a full-time job within
a year than minorities is getting. They all are graduate educated but still there is always
discrimination among minorities and non-minorities all the time.
America is an immigrant country. Immigrant people represent America just because non-minorities
came first in this country doesn’t mean that they are the ruler. Non-minorities are also
was minorities once and Native American was non-minorities. Statistics has shown that there is
huge difference getting a job and having a desired position among minorities and non-minorities.  
As Michael has mentioned in the article that “Nearly one-in-four minority employees at dailies
(22%) left or lost their jobs in 2014, the largest level of minority job loss since ASNE began
gathering data in 1984. Of white employees, 14% left their organizations in 2014.” People can
clearly see that employees are losing their jobs in a big amount of numbers. Within a small time. 

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