Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Workers are getting "Lay Off"

A lot of good and experienced workers are getting layoff by their company, even though they had been serving for that company for a very long time. Company’s manager always thinks about their profit and earnings. They try to work done by spending less money on workers. In the articles “The Daily News Layoffs and Digital Shift May Signal the Tabloid Era’s End” by “Alan Feuer” People are getting fired for no reason at all, if they ask for why they got fired manager will report a small worthless reason.
Company is more likely to hire college graduates students. They are focusing on saving money. College graduates students are getting less pay then old employees are getting. One of the employee mentioned in the article that “One reporter was so left in the dark that when she got to work that day, there was already an intern in her seat.” she went to vacation and when she got back to join her job, she noticed an intern was sitting on her chair already.

Also because of new technology young generation are more likely to read electric version of a book or newspaper on their electric devices. It is easier to carry and also they have to pay less then a hard copy. As in article “The Daily News has always been a New York paper for New York people,” said Michael Daly, a former News columnist, who naturally now works at The Daily Beast, an online publication. “It’s been part of the city’s life in a way no other paper has been — or at least it was till now.” 

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